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PUBLIC NOTICE: Beware of LinkedIn/Online Job Listings Scam

Our LinkedIn account was recently hacked, and some scammer(s) posted FAKE job listings and eventually charged some individuals after they communicated with the scammers. LinkedIn just reinstated platform access, so this update is to notify everyone to NOT respond to any of the job listings let alone pay any money for them. It’s a SCAM.

If you are on the receiving end of such a scam, this article, “LinkedIn Scams: 10 Ways You Could Be at Risk on the Platform,” shares some insightful tips on next steps to take: Thank you!

Please note Take Culture Media is not affiliated with “” or any “” site nor anyone named Claire Michalski (or other fake reps). We are not recruiting at the moment, so please do not response to such ads or communicate with anyone pretending to be a representative.